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Those who live in the community must direct their own improvement strategy.

We are a place-based urban community improvement initiative located in the Southeast Community of Grand Rapids, MI. Seeds has emerged as a solution to neighborhood community issues surrounding multi-generational dependency that has continuously gone unaddressed.

At Seeds of Promise, our mission is to transform the neighborhood by promoting collaboration and community stakeholder partnerships, applying sustainable development best practices, building local resident leadership and trust, deep listening to community voices, and meeting the needs and wants that are expressed by the neighborhood.

Our Impact Teams

Seeds of Promise operates through self-organized neighborhood Impact Teams

Public Safety

Make our neighborhood a safe place to live, work, and play.


Maximize owner-occupied housing and contribute to the community’s continuous neighborhood improvement.


Develop and promote programs, activities, and classes that will assist residents in educational opportunities.

Health and Wellness

Improve healthcare delivery and neighborhood health, wellness, and nutrition programs.

Our Vision

The vision that we have for our target neighborhood is a sustainable community that fully meets the needs of its current and future stakeholders measured by a high quality of life, abundant servant leadership, and equal education opportunity. Its compassionate leaders will continuously seek to create a balance in the community’s economic vitality, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Donate Online

Join us in strengthening our community with a donation! Use our new online donation platform to set up a one-time or recurring donation for Seeds of Promise.

Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Seeds of Promise directly to inquire about a community partnership, to get involved in our Impact Teams, or to become a Host Neighbor.