Dumpster Day 2020 at a Glance

Date: September 12, 2020
Time: 8am – Noon
Households Served: 55
Trash/Waste Collected: ≈ 35 Tons
Resource Bags Distributed: 60

Seeds of Promise hosted their annual city-funded Dumpster Day event on September 12, 2020. This event provides the residents of the Southtown-Madison Square neighborhood an opportunity to dispose of the waste for free. Almost all household waste can be disposed of except for toxic/hazardous materials, car batteries, gas-powered items, television screens, tires, and yard waste such as leaves, sticks, and rocks. There are resources available to dispose of the materials that are not accepted at Dumpster Day – please reach out to Seeds of Promise to be referred to these services.

This year Seeds of Promise reserved a total of seven dumpsters. They served 55 households, collected approximately 35 tons of trash, and handed out 60 resource bags to the community consisting of a lightbulb and a collection of resources available for Grand Rapids and Kent County residents. Volunteers from the local PROACTIVE Election Protection Coalition also attended the event to register participants to vote and complete the census.

Our Dumpster Day occurs in the fall. If you need trash services or other waste disposal services, please call our office at 616-710-5730. Looking forward to the 2021 Dumpster Day event, Seeds of Promise plans to offer waste disposal services at two different locations: one on the North end of the Southtown-Madison Square Neighborhood and one South end. Offering multiple locations will make this event more accessible to our residents and serve the community better.

A special THANK YOU to our volunteers this year:

  • Tracy Byrd PROACTIVE Election Protection Coalition
  • Juanita Dean Paula Colllier
  • Shannon Holt Jacqueline Brown