Housing Impact Team

The Housing Impact Team works to facilitate continuous improvement of resident’s access to quality, cost-effective housing and works to maximize owner-occupied housing in the community. This team acts as an advocate for equal housing opportunities and treatment for residents and is involved in developing creative solutions for housing issues in the community.

We have three housing programs available to all residents in the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas:

Serve, Share + Improve

Gives up to $7,500 for household repair needs.

Serve, Share + Customize

Gives up to $11,000 for home accessibility modifications for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Serve, Share + Own

Gives up to $8,000 in down payment assistance for first time home buyers.

Housing Objectives


home improvement needs in the community by appearance, code compliance, and rehabilitation efforts.


homeowners/renters to resources to improve the quality of their housing.


residents to be effective renters and prepare them to become homeowners.


landlords in the community to effectively support their tenants.

Serve, Share, Improve Program Successes

In partnership with Northpointe Bank, Seeds of Promise provides grants for existing homeowners with incomes at or below 80% of the area median income, who desire to keep their homes in good working order. Northpointe receives $300,000 in federal disbursements to fund repairs, with only a small window of availability. Seeds of promise hold orientations and processing sessions to increase accessibility to residents and provide assistance throughout the process.

Year Orientation Application Approvals Total Investment
2014 12 7 1 $7,500
2015 20 9 3 $22,500
2016 75 24 13 $97,500
2017 83 25 14 $105,000
2018 93 27 8 $75,943
2019 193 54 32 $240,000
2020 63 Coronavirus 1 $7,500

Meet Mary, Community Resident

Mary was a program participant of Serve, Share, Improve, where she was able to receive grant funding to put a new roof on her home. She sent in a letter with this to say about her experience with Seeds of Promise:

“I was losing sleep not knowing how I was going to come up with the money to have my roof replaced. I knew it needed to be done but I did not see how it was going to happen. I am so grateful to Seeds of Promise for all of your help and guidance. I cannot possibly tell you how much I appreciate all of the time and effort you put in. A number of neighbors have stopped by to tell me how nice it looks, they love the color and how impressed they were with the workers from Moore & Sons Roofing. Thank you again.”

Meet the Del Rio Family, Community Residents

“This Grant improved my home tremendously! My home is beautiful now, 100% difference. There are no more patches and no more leaks, and my rotted door has been replaced. Northpointe Bank and Seeds of Promise did a bomb job. It was such a blessing”

Household demographics: Senior Husband and Wife
Improvement: New roof and exterior door
Project Costs: $7,438

NIP Grant Awarded (total cost covered): $7,438


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