Public Safety Impact Team

The Public Safety Impact Team aims to increase activities in the neighborhood that contribute to the overall safety and wellness of the community. These activities include training on personal safety, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), and assistance with other issues related to public safety.

Public Safety Objectives


he Southtown neighborhood safe for residents by focusing on partnerships, communication systems, and activities to prevent crime.


place-based neighborhood strategies and projects to address landlord accountability for safe housing.


a communication system for residents that fosters a sense of community and solidarity against violence.


information to assure that homes are free of lead paint, and assist with water heater and furnace inspections.

Serve, Share, Improve Program Successes

The Public Safety Program helps to promote overall personal and neighborhood safety in the Seeds of Promise service area. The program is made possible by a Community Development block grant from the City of Grand Rapids and HUD. The following are some impact measures from the 2018 report:
residents trained in public safety
residents reported feeling safer because of training
households received safety improvements
people or businesses trained on safety in public spaces
locations where public safety design was implemented

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