Annual Meeting and GVSU/MSBA Celebration

Over the last decade, Seeds of Promise (SOP) and Grand Valley State University (GVSU) have built a strong and trustworthy working relationship in many areas where local residents, faculty, staff and students have made significant contributions to our mission. Interest levels were determined by individual colleges, and project teams were built dependent upon class schedules and faculty/staff availability. The results have been invaluable to our community, and we’ve strengthened our relationship over the past two years through various activities. Below are pictures from this year’s SoP Annual Meeting and GVSU/MSBA Celebration. New SoP leaders, residents, students and faculty came together to share information on work completed, surveying local businesses and fortifying relationships in order to further develop strategic leadership within our community. A special thank you to our resident Host Neighbors and Ambassadors, local businesses within 49507, Professor Syfert, Sam, Cameron, Alina and all of their classmates.