Join our SoP/GRPD Boys & Girls Youth Skating Program

Join our SoP/GRPD Boys & Girls Youth Skating Program.
Must register asap!

Registration for the players that played with us this year will be open next week until March 18th- if they are planning to come play with us again next year, it is very important that these registrations get filled out by March 18th! After that, we start to prepare to accept new families and they could lose their spots.

If you have any new families interested in joining, our waitlist is now open. By filling out this application, it does not guarantee their spot in the program, but this is the list we go off of for acceptance each year.

Please contact Regenail Thomas by calling our office, or at or 603.531.2375 with any questions.

Working towards a spot with the GRPD! A long term recruiting strategy that is working!!!